Workshop 1

Workshop on Emerging Advances in Geomechanics
Date: Saturday, 24 June 2017, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Venue: The Westin St. Francis, San Francisco
Cost:  $200 if registered for symposium; $300 if not. Lunch included with registration.
Organized by: ARMA Members Ghazal Izadi, Florian Amman, Adriana Paluszny, Andrea Lisjak

Currently, several geomechanical engineering applications are multi-disciplinary problems requiring a deep understanding of complex physical phenomena, prediction of coupled hydro-thermo-mechanical processes, and handling of great amounts of scientific data. These applications include unconventional oil and gas production, mass mining processes, deep geothermal energy utilization, and underground storage of nuclear waste. However, in practice, engineers and scientists often lack a thorough understanding of relevant physical processes, have limited computational capabilities for predictive purposes, and face inadequate or incomplete characterizations of the subsurface environment. Over the past decade, a great amount of research has been carried out towards improving our physical understanding of complex problems in underground laboratories, enhancing our ability to quantitatively characterize and model these processes, and effectively handling large amounts of complicated data. The goal of this workshop is to bring together experts from academia and industry to report and discuss on emerging advances in 1) novel techniques in deep underground laboratories, 2) field characterization, 3) data analytics, and 4) novel numerical techniques.

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Workshop 2

Title: 2017 Hydraulic Fracturing Workshop
Date: Sunday, 25 June 2017, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Venue: The Westin St. Francis, San Francisco
Cost: $200 if registered for symposium; $300 if not. Lunch included with registration.
Organized by the ARMA Technical Committee on Hydraulic Fracturing: Gang Han, Chair; Members: Mukul Sharma; Thomas Doe; Sau-Wai; Hari Viswanathan; Joseph Morris; Ahmad Ghassemi.

This workshop will focus on the physics revealed in lab and field and the model showcases for capturing them. The morning session will present lab findings, field experiments, diagnostics tests, etc. The afternoon session will showcase modelling verifications. Participants will participate in the workshop with: 1) Controlled experimental findings from lab or field, including fracture initiation and propagation with near wellbore complexity, multiple fracture interactions, hydraulic fracture/natural fracture interactions, acoustic monitoring, stress measurement through diagnostics, and proppant transport; 2) Basic test cases for model verifications; and 3) Fracturing models to participate in the showcases.

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Workshop 3

Title: How Laboratory Geomechanics Testing Adds Value to Exploration and Production
Date: Sunday, 25 June 2017, 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Venue: The Westin St. Francis, San Francisco
Cost: $100 if registered for symposium; $200 if not.
Organized by MetaRock Laboratories, Houston, Texas.

Starting from prevention of well blowout to designing effective hydraulic fracturing schemes to produce from ultralow permeability reservoir, principles of geomechanics have been used frequently in the past few decades. For geoscientists or reservoir engineers, typical practice involves extracting critical information from sonic logs and/or seismic data to construct pore pressure prediction model or detailed 3D earth models. However, the log measurements need to be validated against laboratory measured values to increase confidence in modeling exercise. This workshop aims at familiarizing the audience with various laboratory testing techniques, how to design a laboratory test program, to develop an understanding of good vs. bad data, and how to use the data subsequently.

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